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Ayya Medhanandi's Dharma Talks at Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto
Ayya Medhanandi
Ayyā Medhānandī Bhikkhunī, is the founder and guiding teacher of Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage, a Canadian forest monastery for women in the Theravāda tradition.
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2019-11-16 We Are Here To Forgive 42:16
Digging deep through the pains we experience with compassion enough to free ourselves from life's trials, we discover the way beyond harming, the way beyond anger. Finally we forgive all the monsters of the mind, all causes and conditions of our suffering, letting them go, setting them free so we can devote ourselves to living harmlessly.
SIMT Fall Monastic Retreat
2018-10-13 Delusion is Not the Way Out 32:50
How can we have compassion for others without falling apart? The Buddha's path of awakening teaches us how to disarm our internal armour, to be harmless. This will be for us a true basis for following precepts and thereby developing enough inner quiet to investigate ill-will. We begin to clearly see and understand our mind-states. This full presence enables compassion that is tireless and unconditional.
2018-10-12 When the Tree Withers & the Leaves Fall 30:11
We can feel torn apart by life and unable to cope. Repair can be a long process but through meditation we learn how to hold things safely. If we can contemplate the ill winds of life in a way that allow us to understand their impermanent nature, we will also understand that they are unsatisfactory and empty of self. Therein is true peace of mind.
2016-11-18 Great Equanimity - Change for the Good 37:24
Are we ready to look at our opinions? How can we develop the ability to let go and trust? If we can listen within and learn to fully inhabit our bodies, then we will put our burdens down so that we can live and die with joy and peace.
2016-11-18 Look Within and Wake Up 22:02
What are we, and what are we doing on this planet? We easily get lost in the dream of the world. It is a very good time to wake up. Right here in your own heart is the greatest adventure possible. See the danger and look inwards into the centre of the storm for sanctuary. Then we will create a wave of awakening in this world. A talk given at a joint Theravada Buddhist Community -Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat in 2016.
2016-11-17 What Will Heal Us 22:49
An introduction to the Noble Eightfold Path with instructions for beginners on sitting and walking meditation practices. A talk given at the joint Theravada Buddhist Community of Toronto/ Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat in 2016.
2016-08-16 Break Down 16:32
On the question of striving: early practice needs to be precise and strategic, focused on precepts, developing mindfulness, and faith in the Buddha's awakening. Later, working in community, with support, one protects the process as it unfolds, while trying not to control, to let go of competitiveness. Ways of the world do not work in this practice. We are not taught by the world to let go with complete surrender using skills not revered by the world. We need to give up what the world is telling us to go for. This is a path of selflessness and breaking it all down. A talk given at a 7 day SIMT retreat in the Chapin Mill Zen Retreat Center, Batavia, NY.
2016-08-15 Be Like Bamboo 35:58
The jhana factors serve as antidotes to the five hindrances as well as supports in developing the Noble Eightfold Path. But they are not enough in and of themselves to establish wisdom. Studying the body and mind through samatha and vipassana, we come to understand the Four Noble Truths. As we transform consciousness, we transcend the world. A talk given at a 7 day Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat in the Chapin Mill Zen Retreat Centre, Batavia, NY.
2015-11-22 Sowing Grace 22:07
Toronto Buddhist Community (TBC)
2015-08-17 Take Your Medicine 39:21
Satipanna Insight Meditation Toronto (SIMT) Retreat

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